Cold Brew Bundle

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A Cold Brew Maker & 2x 12oz Bags of the Cold Brew Blend

Cold Brew Coffee Maker (view here)

This is the perfect Cold Brew Bundle if you are new to the cold-brewed coffee experience! This is a value of over $60!

To brew Cold Brew coffee couldn’t be easier. Here’s cold brew in three easy steps: First, add coffee then water to the filter core. Let brew in the fridge for 18 to 24 hours. Serve; add milk/ice to taste, and enjoy. Cold brew coffee stays fresh for up to 14 days in the fridge. This unit fits inside most fridge doors, so storage is simple. Use it as an iced tea maker, too; there’s nothing quite as rich and refreshing as cold brewed iced tea.

*51 ounces

Cold Brew Blend (view here)

Roast: Viennese & French
Origin: Central & South America 

This blend is a perfect at-home Cold Brew coffee blend. It creates a rich chocolate flavor without being acidic or bitter. It produces a smooth, yet intense, full-bodied flavor that will make your friends think it was store bought. The perfect blend for any at-home cold brew adventurers!


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