This is what coffee looks like straight from the origin we import the coffees from.

Characteristics: Hard but grind-able beans, smooth and compact, no oil present.

*We do not use this roast profile on any of our coffees.

Characteristics: Smooth, round beans, little to no oil, strong coffee flavor.

Examples of roast: Any of our Single Origin coffees, House Blend, Kona Blend & Espresso Milano Blend.

Characteristics: Some oil apparent, coffee / pronounced caramel flavor.

Examples of roast: Deep Tan Blend & Hope Ranch Blend.

Characteristics: Very oily beans, dominant smoky flavor.

Examples of roast: Dark Tropics Blend, French Riviera Blend & Rincon Red Blend.

Characteristics: Smoke / tobacco flavor prevails over other flavors.

Examples of roast: Strictly our famous State Street Blend.

        There are countless names for the coffee roasts used in our industry. You've probably heard of Italian Roast, Cinnamon Roast, Dark Roast, Light Roast and many others. The basic coffee roast is often called a Cinnamon Roast. The cinnamon roast is just dark enough to allow the grinding and brewing of the bean. Coffee roasted any lighter than that will not resemble coffee as we know it. A shade darker than Cinnamon roast is, City Roast. This is the roast most commonly used in large scale coffee production. These lighter roasts are preferred by large-scale operations because they are more predictable and because more of the original weight of the coffee bean is preserved in lighter roasts. This amounts to higher profits.

        Here at the RoCo, our lightest roast is the Full City Roast. This roast is a shade darker than City Roast. We use Full City Roast when we want the dominant flavor in the cup to be that of the coffee, not of the roast. Because at a City Roast you taste what that bean really has to offer. The bean has fully developed in the roasting process, but the smoky roast flavor won't take over the flavor of the bean. When we want the cup to have a more robust, roasty or smoky flavor, we'll roast darker than Full City. Our choice of roast for a particular coffee is very important. The flavor profile of some coffees changes significantly when roasted to different levels. We roast coffee at all different levels to really bring out the most amazing flavors we can from all of our wonderful beans. The roast levels we use here at RoCo are Full City, Viennese (aka Italian Roast), French Roast and Double French Roast.

        You'll notice that some of our blends have more than one roast in them. In Santa Barbara Blend, for example, you'll notice lighter and darker roasted beans. This is because we wanted to achieve a moderately roasted flavor without sacrificing the coffee flavor of certain varietals. We'll take a sweet and flavorful varietal and roast it to Full City then add another, more robust varietal roasted to French Roast. The two combine to create a flavor profile that is more flavorful than either varietal alone.