Growing Coffee

        The entire global crop of coffee plants can be found within the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn (roughly about 23° degrees north and south of the equator). This "bean belt" wraps around the world at the equator, spanning three continents and dozens of countries. Typical to coffee growing regions is moderate sunlight and rainfall, an average temperature of around 70° degrees, and porous soil. Coffee derives most of its characteristics from the environment in which it is grown. Subtle fruit acids and flavors, for example are the result of the interplay between soil and sunlight. For this reason, coffees in each of the three growing regions share some characteristics with the other coffees grown in their same region.


        Coffees grown in Central and South America are known for their light body and lively acidity. American coffees are ideal for breakfast, when one wants to enjoy the full enlivening benefits of coffee without an overpowering amount of flavor. We've found that these coffees are ideal for a classic French Roast, while also standing up very well on their own. A favorite around here is the smooth and sweet Costa Rica. Some available varietals from this region: Mexico Altura, Colombian Supremo, Costa Rica, Brazil Santos and even our 100% Kona.


        Africa is the birthplace of coffee. It was on the hillsides in Ethiopia that Khaldi, a shepherd, noticed his goats "dancing" after eating the berries from a coffee tree. Now hundreds of years after his discovery Ethiopia still produces coffees that are worth dancing for! African varietals are known for their wine-like undertones and hints of floral and fruit flavors. Mellow acidity and full coffee flavor make these coffees the choice for aficionados the world over.


        The words Java and Sumatra have been synonymous with great coffee for decades. Java and Sumatra are, in fact, islands within the Pacific Growing Region. Coffees cultivated in this region are known for a low-acid, almost syrupy quality as well as rich, earthy body. Some available varietals from this region: Sumatra Mandheling, Java, Papua New Guinea.