Naturally Grown Coffee

Our Naturally Grown Coffee line is the result of carefully blending varietals from three new directions in coffee cultivation. Each Naturally Grown blend is comprised of Organically Grown, Shade Grown and Fair Trade coffees. Organically Grown coffees are cultivated using no chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Shade grown coffees provide priceless habitats for hundreds of bird species and Fair Trade coffees are specially priced to insure a living wage is returned to the farmers and workers who cultivate them.

This combination of coffees has been referred to as Triple Certified or Eco-Blending. We simply call it Naturally Grown because this title best describes the cultivation and production process: Natural Soil, Natural Environment and Fair Trading practices for those who farm the beans.

Despite the limited availability of these highly specialized crops, we have assembled a line of blends that we’re proud to offer to our customers. As a socially and environmentally conscious business, you can be just as proud to offer these blends to your guests.