Organic Matcha Tea

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Most culinary matcha you might find on the market is an excuse for lower quality or poorly stored matcha, but you'll find our Organic Matcha is the go-to for fresh, strong, and delicious matcha for all your favorite recipes.
A note on the word culinary: most "culinary" matcha you might find on the American market, unfortunately, has been used to designate "low-quality," or even powdered tea that is not truly matcha! This is not the case with our Matcha! We take the utmost care to ensure the matcha you receive is the best of the best.
Santa Barbara Roasting's culinary organic matcha is from shade-grown, and traditionally stone ground just like our ceremonial matcha. However, the tencha used to make our matcha culinary is harvested from leaves a little down the stem. These leaves are stronger, and therefore produce a stronger, yet still smooth flavor, for you to enjoy through whatever you add the matcha to.